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Empowering Women to Succeed Series

You Have a Story Inside of You! Be a Published Author.

You need to tell your story and be a published author!
Join almost 60 people who have already shared their stories in the Empowering Women to Succeed Series and have helped 10s of 1000s of people in the process!
Work with 6-Time, #1 International Best Selling Authors.

365 Empowering Stories

Share a Story...Change Lives
Dreaming and imagining of being an author is a wonderful feeling. Picture actually living out that dream! Be part of a community of women and men who wish to share their journey, thought or poem, with the world, to empower readers and change some lives. You too can be a published author, it’s easy and affordable. A collaborative movement.


Writing a chapter in a book seemed like a daunting task for me. I didn't know where to begin or what to write about. Randi helped guide me through the process and showed me how easy it can be to write a story, and I realized that everyone has a story to share.
Randi also helped me by giving great advice when it comes to networking for my business as a wellness coach.
She provided me with the tools I needed to implement. These new techniques for my business helped me generate so many more leads.
Randi is passionate about her work, she has a logical method of teaching, and is always willing to help.

​Linda Procopio

Wellness Coach

Best-Selling Author

​It has been a great pleasure and honour to work with Randi in the Empowering Women to Succeed book series. I've been in the first three volumes. Who would have known that we would be #1 International Best Selling Authors! WOW! When we started we had no clue where we were going with it, all we had was a vision, a great vision, to not only impact and empower our community, also the world. This experience has changed a lot for me in my personal and professional development, from putting closure with my past through my sharing to touching, to moving and inspiring others in a way that allowed me to be invited to speak at International Professional Training conventions as a paid inspirational speaker. Working with Randi has been an amazing journey, where her determination and devotion to others has impacted all the authors to a point that we consider ourselves the EWTS family. God bless you Randi!

Maria Grazia Bevilacqua

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Best-Selling Author

Randi Goodman is an incredible woman. She cares for people beyond the average person. Her encouragement and support while I wrote my chapter is what I needed to write honestly. Had she not supported me I wouldn't be headed down the path of fulfilling my dream. I just finished my very own book and looking at publishing with some 'big wigs' and I couldn't me more excited. Thank you Randi for having the smarts, the guts, and the heart to start this incredible journey with so many of us.

Tiff Fenton

Best-Selling Author

Becoming a co-author in her #1 International Best Seller series "Empowering Women to Succeed -
Volume III - Bounce" has added a lot of credibility to my businesses.
I have been introduced to so many great people in different
areas of business that I was able to collaborate with.
I highly, I mean "HIGHLY" recommend anyone who want to turn around their life, share their story or even
start their own business, to connect with Randi Goodman.

Gaby Abdelgadir

Best-Selling Author

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