Randi has found her calling in the world of personal and professional growth for women and men, through the sharing of tools and resources through many mediums to help people all over the World! Her past Management of a manufacturing company and being a 4th level CMA has given Randi hands on experience and success in the business world. In her personal life, she is a proud mom of four strapping boys and a Second Degree Black Belt. She ran a manufacturing company at a very young age…and found her passion for business.

Over the years she produced numerous charity Gala’s, school events and personal events, also acquiring a passion for events.   Years ago, Randi jumped heavily into networking and found the opportunity to merge her two passions and created some Business to Business events so she could help as many people as possible in the business world, take their business to the next level.

She is now a 6-time #1 International Best-Selling Author, and International Speaker and the title author and co-founder of the #1 International Best-Selling Series Empowering Women to Succeed and Conference, the 365 Empowering Stories Book, founder of globally renowned business conferences, workshops, and podcast show, including Toronto Women’s Expo and the Empowerment Radio Show. Trained to speak on stage, Randi shares her knowledge and expertise with small business & entrepreneurs all over the world.  She now teaches others how to write, publish and market their books through live and online courses, serving over 58,000 students in over 169 countries.

Randi believes in community and giving back, supporting numerous charities and promoting businesses.  Her expertise in networking, connecting, building relationships, building lists/databases, marketing, social media, email marketing, lead pages, communicating, digital marketing, building sales funnels, podcasting, book writing and publishing, and monetizing helps others to have more success in their businesses.  She has built an incredible following on social media organically and helps numerous people with their setup and marketing online.   Randi is an international speaker, whose goal is to help as many people as possible for personal and professional growth, provide them with as much value as possible, and to enhance people’s lives, bringing them to success!

Randi Goodman is an incredible woman. She cares for people beyond the average person. Her encouragement and support while I wrote my chapter is what I needed to write honestly. Had she not supported me I wouldn’t be headed down the path of fulfilling my dream. I just finished my very own book and looking at publishing with some ‘big wigs’ and I couldn’t me more excited. Thank you Randi for having the smarts, the guts, and the heart to start this incredible journey with so many of us.

Tiff Fenton
Best-Selling Author

Becoming a co-author in her #1 International Best Seller series “Empowering Women to Succeed -Volume III – Bounce” has added a lot of credibility to my businesses. I have been introduced to so many great people in different areas of business that I was able to collaborate with. I highly, I mean “HIGHLY” recommend anyone who wants to turn around their life, share their story or even start their own business, to connect with Randi Goodman.

Gaby Abdelgadir
Best Selling Author

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