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Randi Goodman is an incredible woman. She cares for people beyond the average person. Her encouragement and support while I wrote my chapter is what I needed to write honestly. Had she not supported me I wouldn't be headed down the path of fulfilling my dream. I just finished my very own book and looking at publishing with some 'big wigs' and I couldn't me more excited. Thank you Randi for having the smarts, the guts, and the heart to start this incredible journey with so many of us.

Tiff Fenton

Best-Selling Author

Becoming a co-author in her #1 International Best Seller series "Empowering Women to Succeed -
Volume III - Bounce" has added a lot of credibility to my businesses.
I have been introduced to so many great people in different
areas of business that I was able to collaborate with.
I highly, I mean "HIGHLY" recommend anyone who want to turn around their life, share their story or even
start their own business, to connect with Randi Goodman.

Gaby Abdelgadir

Best-Selling Author

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